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While doing my daily swoon over the incredible photos on Flickr, I came across a treasure trove of stunning front door photos from Robert Wallace.

Robert lives in the incredibly photogenic country of Greece..




Love love this…..












Purple people eater….










bring on the color…..




dark green….






















The colors and textures used by these homeowners are really intriguing- they definitely make me want to step past the entry to see what’s behind that door!



Although many of the doors shown below are heavily weathered, the color schemes, overlays, or detailing could easily be modified to accentuate your home.


Take a peek at your front entry- does it need a little personality? If your answer is “yes”,  go on, get crazy  with your front door…

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 Don’t Forget Those Closing CostsIf you bought or refinanced your home in 2010, you may be so focused on your mortgage interest and property tax deductions that you forget all about your closing costs. Any origination fees or discount points that were paid to your mortgage lender at closing are tax deductible on your 2010 return, get this “ even if the seller paid your closing costs. If you can’t figure out exactly what you paid, look for your HUD-1 settlement statement, that legal sized paper full of line item credits and debits that you should have received from your escrow provider or title attorney at, or just after, closing. Can’t find it? Drop your real estate agent or mortgage broker an email; they can usually get a copy to you quickly.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why getting the right photos of your home are critical.

Before having your home photographed or, in some cases, videotaped, you’ll want to make sure that it’s in the best possible shape. But what exactly does that mean?

Getting your home ready for a photo shoot is not quite the same as getting it ready to have dinner guests. Yes, there’s the same cleaning rituals such as dusting, and picking up items lying around the house. But making a home picture perfect is about creating an atmosphere that’s welcoming, interesting, and beckons viewers.

How is that done? Professional home photographers use the right equipment to get the job done. Wide angle lens to make the home look larger and show off adjacent rooms in a single photo are one good method. Early morning and late afternoon photo shoots make use of the best lighting times in the day.

Whether you’re going to photograph your home or have a professional do it, adding some props and taking away the clutter will be top priorities.

Let’s start with empty rooms. Showing an empty house isn’t ideal for in-person visits or pictures. Why? You can’t get a feel for how to use the space and when you see an empty room in a picture and it’s hard to grasp its size. The Wall Street Journal suggests bringing in props, such as furniture (even just a chair and small table), that will help give the viewer a sense of scale.

If at all possible, rent, borrow, or beg your friends for furniture to have at least a few objects in the room. You don’t need as many pieces of furniture as you would have if you’re living in the home — just some nice tables, lamps, and chairs to create a homey mood.

If you have to photograph the room empty, use a wide-angle lens and capture a bit of an adjoining room like a bathroom“this adds depth and interest. And always use a tripod.

Kitchen comfort. Here’s where you get to have some fun. Think of yourself as a set designer. Your job is to look closely at your kitchen and tuck away all the unnecessary objects. If you leave out an appliance (maybe a good-looking stainless steel one) hide the cord. The appliance isn’t there for use“it’s just a prop.

Now, add some other props“a basket of colorful fruit in a clear glass bowl (nothing too distracting). A plate of cheese and bread with a wine bottle nearby helps set a scene to make the viewer feel welcome.

Clouds are our friends. When you’re shooting outside, a bright sunny day isn’t always the photographer’s friend. If there are big trees and the sun is creating dark shadows, that can make parts of your photo look dreary. Clouds can greatly add mood to the photo without distracting from the exterior shot of a home. On an overcast day, the shadows aren’t as strong and the flowers can actually show up better.

But before you snap that exterior photo, put away those unsightly garbage cans, the seasonal decorations, and those “no soliciting” signs. Remember, you’re making your home not only picture-perfect but also model-home perfect too… and that could be priceless.

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                                                                                        “Tell me,what is it you plan to do  
                                                                   with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver



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Utah Ski Resort – Guide to Sundance

Find the best Utah ski resort for you and your family. Winter skiing, snow shoeing, cross country sports and leisure packages. Look at Park City, Sundance, Deer Valley, and more.

Boarders and skiers seeking deep snow, long runs, an extended winter season and great after-hours entertaining book with their favorite Utah ski resort. Utah remain a premier winter vacation destination for the avid skier and boarder because of the number and quality of the ski resorts near Provo/Orem.

There are many mountain resorts to pick from in the Utah area that offer an affordable winter vacation skiing experience. Great snow conditions and ease-of-access from  Provo/Orem make your Utah ski resort a destination of choice. Spectacular Utah mountain vistas and scenery add further to the experience of staying at a Utah ski resort.

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